Pentecostal Temple Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry exists to show our young people the love that Jesus Christ has shown us, to train them to know the Word of God so that they may be saved, have a Holy Ghost baptism experience, grow to spiritual maturity, and be effective in ministry for years to come. 

Pentecostal Temple COGIC - Mother's Board

These qualified men are honest, of good report, not double-tongued, and full of the Holy Ghost (I Timothy 3:8-13). 


They are appointed by the Pastor to assist in carrying out the operations & finances of the church.  The Deacons are also responsible for the overall functioning condition of the church building.



Our Purpose:
Our Mothers’ Board consists of praying women. We pray for the unsaved and all mankind. Our goal is to help build the kingdom of God and to teach women how to overcome obstacles. We offer spiritual advice and impart wisdom to promote biblical growth.

Our Duties:

The Mothers’ Board Ministry is responsible for preparing the communion, teaching the word of God and assisting our Pastor with baptism. Providing in-home and hospital visits to the sick and the shut-in.
Offer Godly advice and demonstrate Christian behavior in our own lives.




It is our mission as overseers of the music ministry, to be wise stewards in the careful and gracious utilization of the musical gifts in which God has blessed us to provide our congregation. We offer gifts of WORSHIP, "PRAISING GOD, EMBRACING PEOPLE, and CHANGING LIVES!"

Pentecostal Temple COGIC FL - Music Ministry
Auxiliaries & Ministries
Pentecostal Temple COGIC FL - Sunday School Ministry
Pentecostal Temple COGIC FL - Deacon's Board Ministry


Our Sunday School offers classes for every member of the family! 
In Sunday School you will have:


  • In-depth scripture studying at a level of understanding for every age group.

  • A place for personal application of scriptures.

  • Opportunity for members to talk and share about their needs with others in similar life situations.

  • Fellowship.

  • A training ground for Christians to be more productive in their church and a place to develop their God-given talents and skills. 


The Men's Ministry is an integral part of Pentecostal Temple COGIC. Whether it's serving in the capacity of a deacon, usher, worship team member, ministry of education, sports and other activities our men are in the forefront of the ministry.